Thursday, 25 August 2016

Four Shoe Essentials

I've never really noticed until now but I have a lot of shoes. I have shoes for all seasons and all occasions. When it comes to the footwear department, I'm prepared for anything. Typically I always reach for certain pairs to here are what I consider to be my shoe essentials, the shoes I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. 

Comfy Flats: How could I do a favourite shoe post and not include my Dr Martens? They're in pretty much every outfit post of mine. It's essential to have a pair of shoes that you know you can without them making your feet ache. If I'm ever in doubt of how long I'm going to be on my feet, I put these on and they serve me well. I wear these for work so they are a bit battered. I want some flats in a similar style that are a bit smarter than these, I've got my eye on these brogues from Brantano - perfect for adding a bit of smartness to your everyday look.

Sturdy Boots: Sticking to the same theme, everybody (in opinion of course) should own a pair of Dr Martens boots or any sturdy boots. They will last you a lifetime and you can always rely on them when the weather turns rubbish or, as I have done, to keep your feet clean and dry at festivals. Sturdy boots are always the way to go. 

Ankle Boots: As well as a sturdy boots, ankle boots are also a must have. I got these earlier this year and I adore them. The pointed toe and slight heel really add something to a simple look which, as a lazy student, I'm a fan of. Chelsea boots work just as well, these are definitely on my wishlist. 

Chunky Boots: Can you tell that I'm a fan of boots? Chunky boots have always been a favourite of mine, and whilst they're not always practical (I always trip wearing these) they're great for 'toughening up' your look and adding a bit of detail without really trying. If you're feeling that 90's grunge look these boots are definitely a way to achieve it. 

What shoes do you think everyone should own? Are you a fan of boots too?

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Corduroy Shirt & Dip Dye Hair

T-shirt & Shirt - Primark // Skirt - Topshop // Shoes - Zara

So I did a disappearing act again but this time I come back with partially lilac hair and a septum piercing that you can't see. How very exciting. It's taken me 3 goes to get my hair this colour and it's still far from perfect but I'm still feeling slightly mermaid-y (definitely a word).

 It's been so warm over the last few weeks so I've been wearing a lot of shorts and t-shirts/dresses that you've seen a million times and when I'm not wearing that I'm either in PJs or my work uniform. Low and behold the weather has become rainy again and I have a day off so back to normal attire for the time being, meaning oh year black and stripes. I went home the other week and nabbed this corduroy shirt from my mother's wardrobe and I'm really liking wearing it as a sort of thin jacket. It's perfect for this muggy wet weather but I'm still majorly in favour of my PJs.

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