Tartan & Velvet

Dress - Ark, Cardigan - Primark (my sister's), tights - tesco, glittery socks - topshop, shoes - doc martens

wondering my pictures are better than normal? I got a tripod finally. However I stupidly deleted the best photo by accident. Anyway onto the outfit, the dress is so amazing and the skirt like flows nicely. This is probably what I'm going to wear for new years eve and will probably be my favourite outfit for a long time.

I apologise for the cyberman on the calender behind me on the first picture. In January it will change to various pictures of the characters of the hobbit. 
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  1. That dress is gorgeous!! Woo Doctor who! haha xxx

  2. cute outfit :) Loving she shoes aswell :) x

  3. I love your docs with the glittery socks!xx

  4. the dress looks really cool, I'm a big fan of plaid :)


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