Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Boohoo Spring Adventures: Bristol to Bath Cycle Path

Boohoo Helen Jumpsuit* // Primark Top // Dr Martens Shoes // Specsavers Sunglasses 

The weather is getting better and the days are finally getting longer, which means its the perfect time to go out and explore. After recently taking a big step and joining the gym I decided to make use of my weekend doing something fun and healthy so we cycled to Bath on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path, also known as the railway path. Hiring bikes from Cycle the City, who rent out bikes for just £16 per day, we embarked on the all-round 30 mile journey to and from Bath where we were able to see the hidden countryside beauty and wildlife of  Bristol and Bath that you often miss when spending everyday roaming around the city centre. On the way back we of course stopped off for a quick drink in the Bird in Hand in Saltford, which had a huge beer garden that was perfect for the weather.

When you're cycling you need to be comfy otherwise it will make the whole experience much less enjoyable. Boohoo's playsuits and jumpsuits are perfect for this sort of occasion as they are comfy since you don't have to worry about anything falling down, it allows easy movement to cycle and makes look good too so you don't have whip out the lycra shorts. I chose the beautiful Helen Embroidered Culotte Jumpsuit which comes in both white and black. It is quite a simple style with a basic strappy top and culotte bottoms but the beautifully vibrant embroidered detailing on the bottom really adds a certain something and a nice pop of colour. I popped on a basic long sleeved top underneath as I was expecting it to be quite cool but it was in fact a super hot day and eventually had to ditch the top, making the jumpsuit perfect for all weathers. It kept me really comfy throughout the day and even endured the moment that I fell off the bike and cut my leg, not ruining the jumpsuit in the slightest. Talk about that for quality. 

If you're thinking about using the warm weather to go on a nice country bike ride, I'd definitely recommend checking out Boohoo's playsuits and jumpsuits to keep you feeling comfy and looking good.

What Spring/Summer adventures do you have planned?

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Friday, 21 April 2017


camo jacket- vintage/army shop in Stratford upon Avon // Top - Zara// Jeans - Charity Shop // Socks - Primark // Shoes - Dr. Martens
In this outfit  post I try to blend in with the trees. I was really determined to shoot this outfit and obviously the heavens opened and it rained all day but boyfriend (photographer) and I persevered and managed to get some decent pictures. This is a bit of a throwback outfit as it's definitely something I would have worn in 2012. I guess that's what happens when you go home for Easter and raid your old clothes. I've updated my old look with raw hems, fishnet socks and my DM shoes rather than boots. I think this outfit would work really well with my red shoes or some equally dainty flats but they were not really weather appropriate. 

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Red Suede Shoes

 Primark Dress, Shoes & Tights 

 I finally got myself some red shoes and I think they look really cute with this blue shirt material dress. I don't usually go for v-neck style but this works for me, especially the super sweet bow detailing on the back which makes it a whole lot more interesting. As you can see, it does get creased pretty easily so watch out for that if like me you're going to go sit in a park in the sunshine. 

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress - Charity Shop // Neck tie - Boohoo // Fishnet tights & jacket - Primark // Shoes - Dr Martens 

 The more observant amongst you will have noticed that the picture quality has suddenly increased. Yup after 5/6 years of blogging, I've finally invested in a decent camera. I've been meaning to blog this outfit ever since I bought this dress which was such a long time ago. I don't usually wear white because I spill stuff so easily but so far so good. A shirt dress is definitely something you need in your wardrobe as they always come back in trend and it gives a nod to the shirt trend that is so popular at the moment. I love red details at the moment so I had to pair the black and white with a pop of red with the neck tie, it makes the outfit more interesting if not kind of air hostessy. And of course, the fishnets had to make another appearance just so I can try and look cooler, emphasis on the try.

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Raw Hem Jeans

Primark Jacket & Neck Tie // River Island Top // Charity Shop & DIY jeans // DM Shoes // Pull & Bear Bag

Will I ever go a day where I don't wear something from primark? Probably not. I really love this top I got from river island which is a smock style but it has a weird uneven hemline that I really love, it makes it a bit more unique and different to your average white tee. I've already stained it of course but it's still wearable. I cut the bottoms off these old mom jeans that I ad and I much prefer them like this. It's like I've got a whole new pair of jeans. 

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