Sunday, 12 March 2017

Raw Hem Jeans

Primark Jacket & Neck Tie // River Island Top // Charity Shop & DIY jeans // DM Shoes // Pull & Bear Bag

Will I ever go a day where I don't wear something from primark? Probably not. I really love this top I got from river island which is a smock style but it has a weird uneven hemline that I really love, it makes it a bit more unique and different to your average white tee. I've already stained it of course but it's still wearable. I cut the bottoms off these old mom jeans that I ad and I much prefer them like this. It's like I've got a whole new pair of jeans. 

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March Goals

This month has gone way too quickly for my liking but it has been a pretty awesome month. I have a lot planned for March, including gigs and my birthday shenanigans (I'm going to be 21 and I'm terrified).  I completed 3 out of 5 of my February goals. Lets just say it's been too cold to run and early mornings are not for me. Excuses excuses.... Here's 5 more goals for to keep me motivated throughout March.

1. Finish my dissertation I'm currently half way through but I want to be pretty much finished by the end of the month so that I can spend April editing and making it the best it can be.
2. Be a morning person, like seriously. So trying to get up early in February didn't work out that well but I'm working on it. I need more hours in the day and getting up early will give me so much more time to get stuff done. I just need to get my lazy butt out of bed...but it's so comfy.
3. Have an awesome birthday. With 3 deadlines, a looming exams and dissertation hand in and a conference to prepare for, this month is going to be packed with uni work. But as well a couple of gigs, my birthday weekend is a time to chill and have a wicked time. I have a lot of things planned so it should be alright. You're only 21 once, right? 
4. Worry less. I think I say this a lot but I worry about anything and everything and my life would be way much easier right now if I worried less. I need to just calm it and stay positive and focused and all should be ok. Hopefully.
5. Enjoy my last few weeks of academia. Although this term doesn't end until the end of April, most of my lectures will be coming to an end this month and who knows if or when I will go back into education. Maybe I'll do a masters at some point or maybe I wont. I really like being in education, it's a safe haven from the real world and I'm not totally ready to leave. I need to enjoy now whilst I still can. 

This month is a big one. I'm 21 and finishing up at uni. I guess I need to start adulting now. Maybe I don't wanna.

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Monday, 20 February 2017


Primark Faux Leather Jacket, Top & Scarf // Boohoo Nude Midi Skirt (similar) // Pull & Bear Bag // H&M Boots 

I'm never 100% sure if I like how midi skirts look on me but after seeing loads of people on Instagram wearing pleated midis I had to get one. Turns out I really like them. I got this one from Boohoo in the Christmas sales and it's pretty darn good. I like it best paired with black accessories, to  stick to my usual plain colour palette. 

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Gingham & Fishnets

Topshop Dress // Primark jacket, scarf and tights, Doc Martens Shoes

And the search for interesting backgrounds continues. I think bf had fun playing photographer shooting this outfit and I felt that I had achieved official fashion blogger status when there were some odd men walking past wondering what the hell we were doing. Also you'd think that after about 6 years of blogging I would have mastered a decent pose but nah. 

I've been loving pairing my gingham dress with my fishnets and a leather jacket, it really turns it from cutesy to, dare I say it, ~edgy~ look. I'm not totally convinced that it's a weather appropriate outfit choice but I'm willing to sacrifice warmth to look good.

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Friday, 3 February 2017

5 February Goals

Well that was a long month wasn't it? I've had a pretty decent January. I've been to London to look around art galleries for my dissertation, I've written a decent amount of my dissertation and I've completed dry January (I had 1 day off but I am making up for it). The next month is going to fly by so here are some goals to keep me on track: 

1. Write more dissertation. I say this is a goal but it's something that I 100% have to do. I want to get as much as I can completed by the end of the month to take of the pressure.
2. Get ahead on essays. Another uni related one but I have a busy month in March so I need to get ahead, I just need some more motivation pls. 
3. Don't let uni stress stop me from having fun. It's super easy to feel bad for having a day off , for not constantly working or just feeling like you haven't done enough. I have some fun things planned for this month and I need to remember that I deserve to have a break!
4. Go running more. I have been on a few runs this year and even though I am awful at it, I want to keep at it and get the most out of my trainers.
5. Get up earlier. I don't know if it's January blues or what but I have been finding it so hard to get up in the mornings. I feel so tired if I don't have at least 10 hours sleep and I find myself nodding off or with itchy eyes throughout the day. I want to get up earlier and be super productive. 

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