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Anti-Fast Fashion Outfit and It Costs Under £10

More environmentally friendly fashion seems daunting. You might think you have to dish out a load of cash on purchasing items made of organic, biodegradable ethically sourced materials. In reality, for the average person on an average wage, this is not feasible. If you have a lot of money and are able to shop at those sorts of shops/brands, then go for it but for me this isn't really an option. 
My next best option to avoid fast fashion and the impact it has on the earth is second hand shopping. Whether this is through Ebay and Depop or charity shopping, it's a great way to reduce waste and avoid having clothes dumped in landfill. 
If you have followed my blog since the early days (congrats for sticking with me) you will know I love a charity shop and to be honest nothing has changed. Living in Bristol you find some gems in the charity shops and they are often stocked with high street and designer brands. 

This whole outfit (apart from the tights) is entirely second hand and a…

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